Mood Cabana
An elegant and versatile unit. With the windows up and the sliding door closed, the Mood Cabana offers warmth and privacy. The windows can be lowered into hidden wall pockets to reveal the open spaciousness of the traditional gazebo.
  Square Cabana with Leisure Annex
The 4' x 7' Leisure Annex added to our 12' Square Cabana creates a versatile Gazebo with room inside for patio furniture. Etched glass, cedar shingles and entertainment center are optional.
  Shadow Cabana
This is an elegant and beautifully crafted cabana. Slide the tempered, dark glass panels closed for winter protection; slide them open for summer enjoyment.
  Shoji Cabana
Relax in your spa year 'round with our Shoji House. Enjoy winter protection with dark acrylic (or opaque) panels closed. Open them up to the warmth of spring and summer.
  Ebony Cabana
This unit features sliding tempered glass on top and fixed tempered glass on bottom allowing an unrestricted view from inside and privacy from outside.
  Sun Cabana
This 11' x 15' open unit features a solid T&G roof with clear acrylic panels and a spacious 4' x 8' skylight. Rounded corners, fixed windows and bar stools are standard.
  Octagon Cabana
This gazebo is available with optional clear sliding tempered glass windows. A solid T&G roof is standard.
  Traditional Cabana
This gazebo is light and airy while providing shelter with a solid T&G roof and a large contoured skylight.
  Lattice Cabana
This unit offers privacy, dark acrylic windows and a
solid roof with skylight.
  Surround Cabana
This cabana offers overhead shelter with a solid roof and skylight. The bar and steps surround 2 sides of the unit.
  Square Silhouette Cabana
This unit features a unique open, airy appearance without compromising structural stability.
  Shadow Spa Mount
This rounded corner unit occupies minimal space. Hinged front doors allow for easy spa cover removal. Dark tempered glass sliders offer privacy and protection.
  Shoji Spa Mount
This unit features standard hinging front wall panel and door for easy spa cover removal, removable sliding shoji panels (available in white or dark) and a solid redwood T&G roof with a four foot square contoured skylight.
  8' Entertainer
This enclosure features a bar, 2 stools, privacy panels, a solid roof and skylight.
  Step Surround
Planters are standard with this dual entry step surround.
  8' Lattice
A traditional enclosure where space is restricted.